Alphas are made in small volume to be functionally perfect, not cosmetically perfect.
A quick note about visual appearance...

Every custom flashlight is designed, machined, finished, assembled, and tested in my shop. Every Ready-Made light is machined at a local CNC shop but after that I do 100% of the assembly in-house, one at a time.

I use a CNC mill for the bulk of the machining, but a significant amount manual machining and hand work goes into each light. Nearly 5 hours per light. As a natural result, each light exhibits some cosmetic variation from one to another. Each light has its own character.

I do not intentionally remove "machining marks" from the lights because I like to retain some evidence of the process. I actually think machining marks are beautiful because they explain how the light was made. Each light has an experience and history even before it arrives in your mailbox, and some show it more than others.

During production, a light might receive a small nick, ding, or scuff. Aluminum is incredibly soft and it's very difficult to get a light through the dozens of manufacturing steps without a blemish of some sort. Sometimes a metal chip will get stuck between the part and the vise and leave a little dent. Even the paper transport cartons will scratch a polished or sand blasted finish before it's been plated.

When all the machining and finishing work is done, these lights are electroless nickel plated by a local plating company (sometimes dings occur here). This coating is extremely hard and wear resistant and will protect the light from now on, but at this stage any imperfections have been permanently "sealed" into the finish.

The point of all this is you should not expect to receive a light that is 100% cosmetically perfect. That's just not how "hand made" works. If you can't accept this degree of uncertainty, please order a mass produced light instead of one of mine.



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