Package Deals
Packages include things like accessories, maintenance tools, and replacement parts.

If you are looking for a gift, I suggest package #2 (the "Apprentice") which includes everything you need to get started.

Package 1: Light ONLY

This is pretty self explanatory. A good option if you already own 18650 batteries and a charger that you are happy with.

Package 2: Apprentice (+ $33.00)

Dominate the dark with the basic package: light + battery + charger

  • Alpha Series light
  • 1x18650 AW Battery
  • Battery Tube
  • Xtar MP1 single bay charger

Package 3: Journeyman (+ $58.00)

Maintain your Alpha like a pro and avoid buyer's remorse about your button color. Includes everything in the basic package, but you also get:

  • Maintenance kit (Nano-Oil + replacement o-rings)
  • O-ring removal tool with rubber grip
  • All four button colors ( I'll install the color you select in your cart)
  • Switch Tool (Bent nose pliers to aid removal of the switch and retaining ring)

Package 4: Master Package (+ $77.00)

The full boat. A good friend once told me, "two is one and one is none." He was right, don't get caught in the dark. You get everything above, but you also get:

  • Spare UCL window (glass lens)
  • Spare McClicky tailcap switch
  • Mini Volt Meter

All lights are now shipping in my new v2 retail packaging!

Journeyman Package now shipping with a pair of Bent Nose Pliers to use when changing the switch or tailcap button


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