Independent Reviews:
You don't have to take my word for it. Here is what the experts are saying:

REVIEWED @ Layman's Lights: by Dave Wise

"... this is actually my first experience with a [neutral white MCE] LED and I am suddenly finding myself understanding better what I have been missing....the Alpha emits such a pleasing flood of creamy warm light that I am wishing I had tried this sooner. " -- Layman's Lights

REVIEWED @ Every Day Commentary: Alpha Scores 19/20 !

"This is a staggeringly capable light. It is beautiful. It is easy to use. And for a first offering from a new maker, it is a testament to his skill and design chops, as well as how far the flashlight world has come in the past ten years. This is a great light and for just over $200 it is a very good deal." -- Every Day Commentary

REVIEWED @ Brown Safe Research Labs

"With one of the most powerful outputs we’ve ever seen, the Alpha makes the ideal, all-around’s much brighter than almost any flashlight in its size, and its style makes you feel like Sean Connery." -- Brown Safe

REVIEWED @ Candle Power Forums: by "TurboBB"

"The [Alpha] is a solid piece of old-fashioned hand-crafted goodness and quality-wise, is one of the best lights I’ve had the privilege of testing. It has been well-thought out, well-executed and where possible continually improved upon." -- TurboBB

REVIEWED @ Candle Power Forums: by "Bigmac 79"

" I'll say up front that the Alpha probably has the best quality feel to it of any light I've reviewed to date...This is one of the few lights that my wife isn't embarrassed for me to carry, because it looks so good. Jason has paid great attention to detail, and it's paid off in the Alpha. " -- Bigmac 79

You don't have to take my word for it. Here is what my users are saying:

Awesome light you make, I have absolutely no interest in any others.  I have a haiku... Lenslight one and two cell and micro, hds high cri....  Sunwayman v10r, quarks.... All on the shelf and about to be for sale! -- Shane
Dude this thing is a total beast!  High is insane.  Its incredible to have that kind of power in such a small package. Exceeded my expectations,  carry's quite well wasn't aware i had it in my back pocket.  Clip works great adjusted the tension just a wee bit. Lanyard hole was a nice touch. Very satisfied customer. Thanks again Jason! -- James 

I've had the pleasure of carrying the Alpha for a week and I have to admit I am throughly impressed. I've never had more fun twisting the head and tailcap- the threads are the smoothest I've seen on a flashlight, bar none. I'm already planning to have a custom light commissioned when you're up for it :) -- David

Just received my Alpha 30 minutes ago and I have to say, this is absolutely the best light I have ever held. The build quality is absolutely flawless and I cannot find a single thing wrong with it. I am about to start playing with my new toy but just wanted to send you a quick email letting you know that I am extremely impressed with it. -- Anton

I love the Alpha. It is unbreakable. I think it is worth every cent and some...when I execute search warrants having the room or area flooded with light definitly is a better option. A lot of guys buy Streamlight or Surefire. I think the Alpha has much better output and shelf life. It blows away any light I have owned. -- Patrick

This flashlight is incredible. I consider myself a hard sell and this thing really surpassed all of my expectations. I have watched a lot of eyes pop when I pull this bad boy out.

Like, " what is that thing? Is that a flashlight? Its so beautiful, I have never seen a flashlight like that. DAMN its bright!!"
-- Andrew

I got the Alpha because I wanted a solid, very bright, reliable light for work. I fly for an airline and to be able to illuminate rivets or see leaks/cracks on a plane 52 ft tall and with a 156ft wingspan. Last week I had to do this while it was snowing – a tough job for any light. The Alpha lit up everything – the tint was just right for seeing different fluid colors (some leaks o.k., others are not), but for a light that fit on my belt – just amazingly bright.

The fact that this is, in addition, a beautiful work of art is icing on the cake. I wish I had one of these in my Navy flight vest back in the day. In 32 years of flying, I’ve never had anybody on an aircraft ramp ask me what light I was using (and write it down) until last week. Jason is an incredibly nice guy to deal with, his design and workmanship are exemplary, and the end result is one outstanding light. Thanks Jason! -- Shawn

Hey Jason- Your light sure lit up an A300 Airbus this morning in Iowa, the pilot couldn't believe the amount of light it put off. -- Tony

Well using the light for a week now, I am happy to report total satisfaction!  This light is amazing, bright, clean, and with excellent color rendition.  The design of the case is a perfect blend of strength and beauty, and overall quality of components and build is beyond anything else I have seen.  Also thermal management is great, when the light is on high the head and body warm up quickly and then stay at a reasonable temperature even with extended use.  Overall, I could not be happier!

Initially I was a little concerned about whether the light would be too big to carry easily, but the clip works well, and for its size and strength the light is not that heavy.  I was also a bit concerned that the light would be too floody or might not enough reach, but in high mode it goes plenty far and the wide beam is amazingly helpful when you are using the light to search for something. An unexpected  bonus for me is the rechargeable battery -- you can use the light on high without concern for wasting batteries... throwing this wall of light out any time you want for as long as you want is a luxury I an get used to!   For example, we were painting the garage door last weekend and the sun was fading before we were finished...  the alpha light kept us going till the job was done. -- George

The clip, along with the McClicky switch, do not require any tools for installation which is different from any light I have ever owned. This makes maintenance (ie. replacing a broken switch, switching out the rubber boot, or simply cleaning) extremely easy.

I have only EDC'd the Alpha since the day I got it. (With the exception of my HDS because of its super low low for night time bathroom trips). I feel no need for any other lights.

Both low and medium are great for walking around outside at night. High is insane, it turns night into day.  -- Andrew


I was very worried after my first e-mail that the throw would not be very good as during the evening it was super bright but did not seem to throw very far but once it was dark, this is AWESOME.  It easily lights up my fence on the other side of my yard about 100ft. away with much more light than my MagLite on a focused beam.  This thing is really great and oh yeah, I even like the serial number I had to take it apart to check :)

My wife even likes it and likes the finish I got, I am thinking I will be forced into buying one for her soon. -- Mike

I just got my production run light yesterday. The light is made super well. It simply blows away my other single 18650 lights. Jason is careful and does not exaggerate what he sells. What's he promises is what you get. I am very happy with his product as I am sure anyone who deals with him will. -- Steve

This was my first custom light. I just received my light on Monday. All I can say is WOW! This light is amazing. The work and attention to detail is amazing. It was well worth the wait. Absolutely get this light. The attention to detail and the way the light handles is beautiful. -- Jimmy

Glad to see you sold all the pre production models and have done a few upgrades. For anyone considering this light, just do it. It's a great light and now with the McClicky and clip it makes it even better. -- Chuck

I love mine. Great detail on this light. The ti clip is very handsome. Fit and finish on the whole package is top notch. -- Patrick

construction quality - beautiful

brightness - damn! the brightest flashlight I've ever experienced -- Kate

We went on a Stars patrol Thursday evening from 10:00 P.M. to about 1:30 A.M. (Sheriff’s department volunteers) and used  Jason’s light while driving around the community in the patrol car which is spot light equipped.  We ran Jason’s light for about 75 minutes continually at which point the battery seemed to be getting discharged. 

The flash light was almost as good as the vehicle spot light and a lot easier to move around and point where you want the light to go with very good long distance range.  After tuning off Jason’s light for about 10 minutes I used it again on and off when we checked out homes in the area, the brightness was back and it worked great for about another 20 minutes until the end of the patrol. -- Gene

FYI, Dad reports his new flashlight from you is an "order of magnitude" better than other pocket flashlights on the market. He's not surprised you can pressure test and freeze them, because it's built "like a watch" with quality and fit. -- Erica

I had a good field test of your light this weekend. I was up on a ladder trying to fix our broken garage door opener and was using your light to see what was going on. Naturally I dropped it about 8 feet onto the concrete. Not a scratch. Can't tell it was even dropped. -- Dwight


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