battery   single 18650 lithium-ion (4.2V)
Cree MCE led (cool wht)   (Flux bin "M")(Tint Bin "WC" 6500K)
Cree MCE led (neutral wht)   (Flux bin "K")(Tint Bin "4A" 4500K)
Cree XML led (cool wht)   (Flux bin "U2")(Tint Bin "1C" 6500K)
Cree XML led (neutral wht)   (Flux bin "T5")(Tint Bin "4C" 4500K)
Nichia 219 High-CRI led   (NVSL219B R9050)(4500K)
MCE output (cool wht)   ~750 lumens OTF (minimum)
MCE output (neutral wht)   ~600 lumens OTF (minimum)
XML output (cool wht)   ~800 lumens OTF (minimum)
XML output (neutral wht)   ~750 lumens OTF (minimum)
Nichia 219 output   ~250 lumens OTF (minimum)
2.4A driver (Nichia 219)   "Icarus" Proprietary Driver (3.8V input) Programmable
3.4A driver (MCE/XML)   "Icarus" Proprietary Driver (3.8V input) Programmable
driver UI   3 Mode (100%,30%,5%)
run time for MCE (est.)   High = 90min, Med = 300min, Low = 900min
run time for XML (est.)   High = 60min, Med = 210min, Low = 660min
run time for Nichia 219(est.)   High = 120min, Med = 430min, Low = 1,290min
reflector   Ledil Boom MC-S (Spot)(Angle = FWHM 20°)
window (lens)   98% UCL glass (2 side AR coated)
thermal interface   Bergquist Bond-Ply 100
clicky switch   McClicky "forward" click switch (it's famous!)
switch boot   Molded silicone (blue, orange, black, GITD green)
wire   Mil-spec silver plated 24 AWG, teflon coated
solder   Silver Solder (RoHS compliant)
body material   6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum
Coating   Electroless Nickel (Hardness: 48-50 Rc)
driver mount (Blue-Label)   C101 Oxy-free electronic copper (H02 99% pure)
driver mount (Ready-Made)   6061-T6 aluminum (EN plated)
o-rings (Blue-Label)   Mil-Spec Fluorosilicone (70 Durometer Shore A)
o-rings (Ready-Made)   Buna-N "Nitrile" (50 Durometer Shore A)
threads   Body-to-head (1x28) body-to-tail (7/8x28)
lubricant   StClaire Nano-Oil (10 Wt.)
dimensions   1.2" x 5.75" (body dia. is 1")
weight   4.79oz (136.1g) No Battery
ANSI thead tolerance (Blue-Label)   Class III A/B
ANSI thead tolerance (Ready-Made)   Class II A/B
depth rating   300 feet for 5 hours (tested!)
The Alpha Series is very small and very powerful.

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