Surefire Titanium Pocket Clip - $25.00


You will receive:

  • One Ti Clip
  • 2 Black O-rings

Compatibility LIst:

  • 6P
  • 6PX Pro
  • G2 Nitrolon
  • G2X Pro
  • G2X Tactical
  • Fury
  • P2X Fury Defender
  • Solarforce
  • L2
  • L2T
  • Elzetta
  • All 1, 2, & 3 cell lights
  • Jetbeam
  • TCR3
  • III Ti
  • BC25
  • Malkoff
  • Hound Dog
  • Wildcat

If you have fitment questions about other Surefire lights, please contact Surefire support directly. They have my clips in their office and can test fit specific lights for you.


The clip no longer ships with a GITD o-ring. You'll get two black o-rings. I do not currently have a source for GITD o-rings in the required size.

What's Your Finish?

The ultimate Surefire pocket clip...

Clips are now made from 6Al/4V Titanium alloy

In a stroke of good fortune, my custom clips are a perfect fit for Surefire lights and many SF clones. You need to use an o-ring to fill the gap and I provide two black nitrile o-rings. Tailcap lockout function is not compromised.

Be sure to place the o-ring underneath the clip to isolate it from the rotating forces of the tailcap (see photo above for correct installation).

Option: Ti Anodizie+ $5.00

I have recently switched over to anodizing my Ti clips. This process uses electricity instead of heat to develop the oxide layer. This oxide layer refracts light at different wave lenths and can present different colors, kind of like oil on water. I offer two versions: Prometheus Blue (above left) and Faded (above right). I do not offer other colors, or custom colors at this time.

More Information...

What used to be a sheet of solid titanium (below). Waterjet is really an amazing technology. For those of you that don't know, the machine literally uses a stream of water (laden with garnet abrasive) to cut the material. You know, like a waterpik that you clean your teeth with? Like that, but bigger. A large waterjet machine will cut up to 6 inches of solid steel (or granite) or anything else you put underneath it. That makes me giddy just thinking about it.

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