Battery Storage Tube - $1.99 (each)

Custom as usual

These tubes are designed to hold 1x18650 battery or 2x123 size batteries.

I had the caps done in high-vis orange so your spares are easy to see in the bottom of a bag or pack. They are square to provide anti-roll capability.

Fresh batteries get stored with the + terminal towards the "head" of the battery tube. (think of it like a mini flashlight) When you deplete a battery, store it with the + terminal towards the tail.

Since the tubes are clear, you can tell at a glance whether the battery is fresh...or dead. Cool huh? Around here we call that product design.


If you purchase a battery from me, it comes with a tube. If you need spares, this is the place.

  • High Visibility Cap
  • Clear Container
  • Fits 1x 18650
  • Fits 2x 18350
  • Fits 2x RCR123
  • Fits 2x CR123

$1.99 (each)

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