AW 18350 (700 mAh) Lithium-Ion Battery - $12.50

Here is what separates IMR cells from standard Li-Ion: 

IMR cells are a specialized Li-Mn (Lithium Manganese) chemistry specificaly designed for high-drain applications. While they excel at delivering massive discharge rates, their capacity is much more limited than a Li-Ion of the same size. The AW 18350is the highest capacity IMR battery in this size, but it will only deliver 15 minutes of run-time on the highest power setting. Can't have everything right? I highly recommend buying two and having one for a backup.

NOTICE: Using a "standard" (non-IMR) battery in an Alpha Shorty may cause a fire and explosion. They cannot handle the massive current drain the light demands.


AW Batteries are the best flashlight batteries in the world, period. That's why I sell them. Accept no substitutes.

  • 800mAh
  • 4.2V (3.7V nominal)
  • IMR Chemistry
  • Storage tube included

$21.50 (2 batteries)


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