Slide-Top Presentation Box: $25.00

Perfect if you want your Alpha "campfire scented"

I make flashlights, but now I'm cutting things with light. A 60Watt CO2 laser to be precise.

This 1/8" Birch-Ply box is laser-cut in house and press fit together without any glue or mechanical fixturing. The slide-top is hand-sanded to a perfect fit and then dressed with bee's wax along the sliding edges. It also smells freaking awesome.

The Alpha (any model except the Shorty) is held in place by two "end caps" that fit snugly over the head and tail of the light. These keep the light from rotating or shifting significanly inside the box. There is a tiny bit of rattle, but some looseness is required so the light doesn't get stuck inside the box. Please see the video below for a quick demonstration.


Sometimes too much is just enough. Why make do with a custom paper tube when you can have a custom wood box?

  • 1/8" Birch Plywood
  • Laser cut in-house
  • Precision fit (no glue)
  • It's classy

If you order the Presentation Box, it will replace the standard cardboard shipping tube.


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