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I get fairly regular emails from people wanting to get one of the shirts you see me wearing in various videos. I buy all my shirts from Zazzle and finally figured out how to set up a store you can order your own shirts!

Be advised, you can only print this logo on "dark" colored shirts.

My recommended shirt (default on my Zazzle store) is the "American Apparel Basic." It's made in the USA, really soft but not too thin. I hate shirts that are too thin because they wear out and hang funny. You can choose from a ton of colors in men's and women's styles. The shirts run about a size small. They also tend to be long in the body, in a good way, so you don't end up with a belly shirt after a few washings. I like that because I'm up (lifting) and down (squatting) all day in the shop and don't need to show off what's under the hood.

These items are created by and ship directly from Zazzle. I don't have anything to do with the shirts other than my logo. If yo love them, let me know. If you hate them, take it up with Zazzle. See how that works ;)


Custom made for you by the folks at Zazzle.com

  • Made in the US of A
  • American Apparel T
  • 100% Cotton
  • Long in the body
  • Shirts run small

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